dancing ghosts

Video: Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshop – Dancing Ghosts!

Video: Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshop – Dancing Ghosts

Join us for one of our popular Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshops…but at home!  Today’s craft is making a dancing ghosts toy!

This craft uses some supplies you might already have at home, here are some alternatives you could use if not.

Tissue paper – Kitchen roll will work for this.

Craft sticks – Old pens or pencils would also work.

Download the FREE tutorial here to get started.

Download the tutorial, send it to us and we’ll share!

dancing ghosts

Dancing Ghosts

To make these dancing ghosts you will need:

  • Newspaper or magazine
  • White tissue paper (or kitchen roll)
  • Glue stick
  • Sticky tape
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft sticks (or old pens or pencils)


  1. Roll a sheet of newspaper or magazine into a ball and secure with
    sticky tape.
  2. Cover the ball with tissue paper using glue to stick in place.
  3. Use strips of tissue paper to stick a skirt around the ball.
  4. Repeat 1-3 to create a second ghost.
  5. Add eyes and a mouth to each ghost with black marker.
  6. Make 2 long tubes from newspaper or magazine sheets and flatten.
  7. Secure the sheets in an L shape using glue or sticky tape.
  8. Plait these strips together to form a spring.
  9. Stick a craft stick to each end (or old pencil or pen!) using sticky
  10. Stick a ghost on each end!
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