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Jack Frost poem, first verse

‘Oh, you fierce little man!’: Jack Frost, 1905

The following poem was published in the Lisburn Standard newspaper in December 1905:

Jack Frost

Jack Frost, he is with us again;
He comes every winter, you know;
But we’re hardy and bold,
And we don’t mind the cold,
And we welcome the ice and snow.

Jack Frost plays a rough sort of game
With the children wherever he goes;
He pinches their cheeks;
Their noses he tweaks;
And he treads on their ten little toes.

Jack Frost makes the ground rather hard,
But with thick boots we clatter about;
And we run till our breath
Puffs away like a wreath
Of white steam from the tea-kettle’s spout.

Jack Frost lays his hand on the pond,
And turns it to glittering ice;
Then the skaters they glide,
And the sliders they slide;
Just think of that, isn’t it nice?

Jack Frost is sure to be found
Where the sleigh-bells are tinkling clear;
As the horses, so strong,
Canter gaily along,
While the lads give a shout and a cheer.

Jack Frost, then, you’re welcome again!
Of pleasures you bring us a store;
But be as mild as you can,
Oh, you fierce little man!
When you visit the feeble and poor.

Author unknown

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