Lisburn and the Great War Screenshot

Lisburn and the Great War Archive, now includes photographs!

Lisburn and the Great War Screenshot now with photographs!

This Lisburn and the Great War research project and database is a joint initiative by Pat Geary, author for the original Friends’ School website, and the museum.  The project intends to preserve a permanent record of the hundreds of men and women from Lisburn and district who served and died in the Great War (1914-1918).  Over time, additional information will be added, this will include information on survivors, as well as photographs and relevant material from the museum’s collection.

In early 2021 a major digitisation project took place with the help of Pubic History students at QUB.  Using photographs from the museum’s archives, Ulster History Hub, Pat Geary and Nigel Henderson additional photos of servicemen and women, where possible, have been added to the database.

If you have any additional information the please contact us.

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