Wallace Fountain AR Tutorial

3D Task: A Wallace Fountain in your Kitchen?

3D Task: A Wallace Fountain in your Kitchen?

Using some of the latest 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) technology you can access some of the amazing objects in our collection, and it can all be done using your own smart phone.  In what follows we will guide you through how to download and place one of the famous Wallace Fountains in your own kitchen!  Make sure you share your finished product with us.

AR is a fun and interactive way to explore 3D models.  It helps digitally preserve and conserve objects while also allowing visitors to get up close to objects, manipulate them and re-purpose them.  AR is also a vital tool in engaging individuals who think musums aren’t for them!

What are Wallace Fountains?

Wallace Fountains are a well-known site on the streets of Paris. They first appeared in the early 1870s when Lisburn’s landlord, Sir Richard Wallace who lived in Paris and had a great reputation in the city for his charitable works,  donated 50 cast-iron drinking fountains to the city,providing free, clean drinking water to its citizens. Known as ‘Les Wallaces’, five of these fountains were also placed in Lisburn,  however many of them were melted down for materials in WWII So now only 2 remain. The Wallace Fountain below was scanned from the Fountain in Castle Gardens.


Get started and create your own Wallace Fountain in your kitchen..

Using the free online app SketchFab you can access our online collections and explore them in VR and AR,

Step One

Download the free SketchFab app online, available for IOS and Android. Create an account, you can sign in with your social media account for a faster login.

Step Two

Using the side bar click the search tab and look up Lisburn Muesum, it will bring up all of our wonderful resources,

If the fountain doesn’t appear in our collections gallery then it could be because you need to disable one of the apps auto settings. To do this select the gear icon at the bottom of the mobile menu, and turn off the ‘filter high polycount models’ setting. All the models should now appear.

SketchFab Search barSketch Fab Setting

Step Three

Select the Wallace Fountain model then click on the AR button in the top right corner.

Step Four

Find a clear flat area to view the object, a table or space on the floor is perfect, then simply have fun exploring the AR object in your own home!

Tablet AR Model viewWallace Fountain AR Model

We would love to see you explore and share your AR experiences with us give it a try and tag us in your photos on social media!

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