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Flaxie Buds Bonanza 2021 Workshop – Cupcake craft

Flaxie Buds Bonanza 2021

Make it at home: Cupcake craft

This year Lisburn Museum is celebrating Flaxie’s 5th birthday virtually.

Today we are making a decorative birthday cupcake.

A limited number of support packs are available to compliment the crafts for the Flaxie Buds Bonanza.

Please get in touch if you need help with resources.

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To make a decorative cupcake you will need:

  • Cupcake template and topper.  Download these for FREE by clicking HERE

  • Scrap card

  • Something to colour in with like crayons or colouring pencils

  • A glue stick

  • Scissors

  • String or ribbon

  • Items to decorate with like glitter or sequins

To make the cupcake:

  1. Print out the FREE templates and instructions (find them HERE)

  2. Cut out templates and stick them on to card

  3. Cut out the card and colour in the cupcake

  4. Add string to the top by punching a hole or sticking it to the back

  5. Glue on your topper

  6. Decorate to finish

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