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Flaxie Buds Bonanza 2021- Lisburn Museum Trail

Investigate Lisburn Museum with Flaxie

I was in lockdown in Lisburn

And all through the Market house

Nothing was stirring

Not even a city mouse.

Suddenly the Flax in the museum was shaking

I stayed really still

In my shoes I was quaking

But then I smiled when who did appear

It was Flaxie who had come to bring me some cheer!

Join in as Flaxie investigates The Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn

Museum with challenges along the way for the flaxie buds to play.

flaxie buds activities with adults

A limited number of support packs are available to compliment the crafts for the Flaxie Buds Bonanza.

Please get in touch if you need help with resources.

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