BBC’s Imagining Ulster, featuring material from the museum’s collection

Did you see William Crawley’s fantastic Imagining Ulster?  Recently featured on BBC One NI, the show:

“explores some of the social, cultural and political influences that have shaped aspects of identity in Northern Ireland. It looks at how Ulster has been a meeting place between different traditions and the impact of its close connections with Scotland. William Crawley is our navigator on this epic four hundred year journey.

He will help us to understand the complexities of our past and how all of this might help us to think differently about the present. He’ll be joined by a cast of historians, writers and commentators – all of them with something important to say about the people and events that have made this place we call home.From the violence of the 1970s, to the agreements of the 90s and beyond, the third and final episode explores some of the key moments of the past 50 years. William examines some of the individual voices, the groups and cultural, literary and political forces that have helped shape our sense of who we are. He also traces how the Ulster-Scots heritage has taken its place in the landscape of Northern Ireland.”
Footage from the museum’s vast archive was featured in the programme.  Catch up on it va the BBC iPlayer.