Answer the Call – Recruitment Posters from the Great War – New Temporary Exhibition

Running from December 8th 2015 to January 23rd 2016, this exhibition explores recruitment posters from the Great War, and taken from the Ulster Museum’s collection.

The Ulster Museum described it as a:

powerful selection of First World War posters illustrating various aspects of the drive for recruitment between 1914 and 1918, and featuring a range of visually-exciting calls for civilian support for the war effort.
Nearly 60 posters from the Ulster Museum’s extensive collection of First World War posters (over 200 in total) are displayed in three broad groups – Parliamentary Recruiting Committee posters (1915-1916); Irish Recruiting Posters (1914-1918) and posters promoting civilian support for the war effort, including two striking posters by the celebrated graphic artist Frank Brangwynn.
This exhibition was the first in Ireland to display these posters as a large group, with the emphasis on the role of images in the story of war and as agents of media and marketing. It will be of special attraction to all with an interest in the history of the First World War in Ireland, and the role of graphic art and popular imagery in promoting support for it.