May, 2020

08mayAll DayFeaturedVE75: Lisburn and the Second World War(All Day) Live Now

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May 8 (Friday)


Virtual Exhibition

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VE75: Lisburn and the Second World War

‘VE75: Lisburn and the Second World War’ is a major new online exhibition from the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum marking the 75th anniversary of ‘VE Day’, or Victory in Europe Day.

The Second World War (1939-1945) raged for six long years, causing the death of over 80 million people globally, and 4000 deaths locally.  Across Northern Ireland almost all aspects of life were touched by the war, from rationing to the blackout, drilling for gas attacks to ‘Digging for Victory’.

To mark the surrender of Germany to the Allies, and the end of the war, a national holiday was declared for 8 May 1945.  Across the United Kingdom ‘VE Day’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm, with street parties, parades, thanksgiving services, and victory addresses from Winston Churchill and King George VI.  The people of Lisburn joined in the celebrations, gathering in Market Square and hosting their own bonfires, parades, and street parties.

This exhibition tells the story of Lisburn and district during and after the War and features virtual objects and photographs from the Museum’s extensive collection.

Highlights include:

  • Original artefacts, from gas masks to uniforms
  • Rare photographs of Lisburn, its industry and people
  • Medals, uniforms and stories of Lisburn soldiers and volunteers, including the Civil Defence and Women’s Voluntary Service (W.V.S.)

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The exhibition is part of a wider initiative across LCCC to mare the 75th anniversary of VD Day. For more information see:

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