Major O'Hagan & Mrs O'Hagan Unveiling Plaque site of Huguenot church 1998 - ILC&LM Collection

Photo: Mayor O’Hagan and the site of the Huguenot Church, Castle Street

In 1998 Lisburn Borough Council Mayor Peter O’Hagan unveiled a plaque on Castle Street, Lisburn, on the site of the former Huguenot Church in Lisburn.

The Huguenots were protestants, who fled France in the 17th-century after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685. A colony of Huguenots settled in Lisburn in 1698, where they established themselves as weavers and bleachers under the guidance of Louis Crommelin (d.1727).  Soon, the colony established a church under the ministry of Rev. Charles De La Valade, who arrived in Lisburn in 1704. The church’s most well-known minister was the Rev Samuarez Dubourdieu  (1717-182), who established an influential school on Bow Street.  For more information on the blue plaque see here.

By 1830 the site was in use as courthouse.

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