A photo of Dominic Ginesi at the soft scoop ice cream counter, Lisburn

Historic Photo: Ginesi’s Fish & Chip Shop, Market Square

The Classic Supper Saloon, or Ginesi’s, was a fish & chip shop at 25 Market Square.  Established in the 1930s, the shop was hugely popular with the people of Lisburn and surrounding area.  We were delighted to add this photo, of Dominic Ginesi at the soft scoop machine in the front of the shop, to the collection. Of his time in the shop, Dominic says:

“Ginesi’s was popular with everyone. I still meet people in Lisburn who say ‘there’ll never be anyone make fish and chips as good as your father.’

“People will never forget how good it was,” he continued. “It as a nutritious meal for people from Lisburn because times were hard then.”

“I remember the fryers ran from coal fires, we had a three pan range and there was a coal fire under each one. You can see the old till and the vinegar bucket in this photo, as well as were we did the washing up and the shelves for the dishes; this is how it looked to the customer. “As the last remaining son in the area I would like to thank all those past customers of ours for their support of my family in those days. My brother Victor’s son carried on the Ginesi Fish and Chip Shop in Ballynahinch, so the tradition still lives on in the younger generation.

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