The mummies cat

Video: Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshop – The Mummies Cat!

Video: Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshop – The Mummies Cat

Join us for one of our popular Flaxie Buds Halloween Workshops…but at home!  Today’s craft is making The Mummies Cat, and it is inspired by the Egyptian display in Museum!

This craft uses some supplies you might already have at home..but if you don’t, here are some alternatives:

  • For pipecleaner – cut little whiskers from paper or card and colour them in to stick on your cat.
  • For red card – use any scraps of card, like from a cereal or tissue box,  colour it with felt pens, colouring pencils or crayons.

Download the FREE tutorial here, or see below, to get started.

Share your creations with us!

Instructions to make The Mummies Cat

To make this creepsome cat you will need:

-Bin liner
-Coloured paper, or paper and colouring pencils
-Pipe cleaners
-Sticky tape


  1. Make 6 paper logs.
  2. Join together with sticky tape to make the legs, body, tail and head of
    the cat.
  3. Cut the bin liner into lots of strips
  4. Wrap the cat body with the bin liner strips. Cover as much of the
    newspaper as possible.
  5. Cut and twist the pipe cleaners to make whiskers, stick top the cat’s
  6. Draw eyes, nose and ears and stick onto your cat.
the mummies cat - tutorial
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