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Flaxie Adventure: Up the Lagan in a Bubble

There is a saying here in Northern Ireland:

“Do you think I came up the Lagan in a bubble?”

In this adventure Flaxie heads to the Lagan Tow Path, finds some flappy friends and tries making some bubbles go down the Lagan.

Before starting out on he day’s bubbley adventures Flaxie did lots of research and was amazed at how many different tricks there are with bubbles! Did you know there are lots of Guiness World Records with soap bubbles?!

When did bubble blowing begin?

Turns out no one knows!  Blowing bubbles has been around for longer than anyone wrote about it!  Flaxie wondered if the Ancient Egpytians had bubble wands, what do you think?

What is the best bubble mix? 

There are lots of bubble solution recipes online,  if you download the worksheets below two of these have been included.  When we wanted to make giant bubbles we found that pre-bought bubble solution worked best.  But why don’t you see what works for you?


Then off Flaxie went for a walk along the River Lagan Tow path.

There were swans and geese to wave at along the way.










First of all Flaxie had a go at making bubbles with a bubble gun.

It made lots and lots of small bubbles!

Then it was time to try some giant bubbles using aspecial bubble wand called a TRI-STRING.

The bubbles were really big and looked magical as they bounced along the river.

bubble gun tri string bubble 1









What an amazing adventure!

Flaxie had so much fun and hopes you will have a go at making bubbles too.

flaxie watching bubbles bubbles 2











If you would like to learn more about bubbles and make your own then download our FREE bubble worksheets and have a go!  They contain bubble recipes and bubble tips.



If you try your own bubble making let us know!

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