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The old Lisburn court house

This week’s Virtual Museum post is another drawn from our photographic collection. It captures the demolition of the old Lisburn Court House on Railway Street.  The court house was built in 1884 and was designed by John MacHenry. MacHenry, who lived in Lisburn was the son of Paul MacHenry and succeeded his father as surveyor to the Hertford estates in Co. Antrim.

The building cost £4,000 (£397,881 in today’s currency), and was paid for by Sir Richard Wallace. Noted as one of the most architecturally satisfying of all Sir Richard’s buildings, it was based on a design by Italian architect, Andrea Palladio. Poorly maintained in its later years, it was demolished in 1971, provoking strong opposition from local heritage groups. 

Do you remember the old court house? What other old buildings of Lisburn would you like to see featured in future Virtual Museum posts? Get in touch and let us know.

Lisburn Court House demolition, 1971. ILC&LM Collection.
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