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Photo: Do you recognise this terrace?

Terrace photo

Terraced houses, unknown location, c. 1950s (ILC&LM Collection)

We are uncertain of this photo’s location, though we believe it was taken in Lisburn or the greater Lisburn area around the 1950s. The terrace looks like it could be workers’ houses.

Did you live here or remember the terrace? If you can help us identify the photo, or have any stories to share, contact us here.



Thanks to your help, we can now identify this terrace as ‘Warren View’, Lisburn. It was built in the late nineteenth century on the Hillsborough Road (sometimes referred to as the Dublin Road), just above Moore’s Bridge.

Warren View - map

Ordnance Survey map, fourth edition (1905-57), showing the location of the terrace ‘Warren View’ on the right side of the Hillsborough Road heading north, just above Moore’s Bridge (‘The New Bridge’).


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