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Wm Barbour & Sons Flax Embroidery Thread

Object: Advertising poster for Wm Barbour & Sons, Lisburn

Wm Barbour & Sons Advertising Poster

Object: LMILC.2021.226

This wonderful advertising poster for Wm Barbour & Sons Ltd, was recently purchased for the collection.  The museum holds a lot of Barbour-related items, but few have such interesting design elements, from the font to the ‘W B’ Celtic motif.  Wm Barbour & Sons joined the linen thread conglomerate, the Linen Thread Co., in 1898, but retained the iconic Wm Barbour & Sons name, which had been trading, in one form or another, in Lisburn since the 1780s.  The use of ‘Lisburn, Ireland’ suggests that the poster was designed pre-partition.  John Milne Barbour (1865-1951), one of the firm’s Directors, was an M.P. in the new Northern Ireland parliament.

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