Covid-19 and Me - Lisburn

Covid-19 and Me – share your story

Covid-19 and Me - Lisburn

Covid-19 and Me: Contemporary Collecting Project

What is your experience of the current Coronavirus pandemic?  How do you feel?  What stories or lessons do you think future generations should take from the pandemic?  A hundred years from now people will want to know what happened, how we experienced and dealt with the pandemic.  Share your story!

The museum is keen to collect the experiences of individuals, through:

  • Stories, memories or thoughts relating to the pandemic locally (digitally or by letter)
  • Photographs, drawings or sketches
  • Video, audio or sound files (your phone is a really good tool for this!)

How can you share your story?

Please send us an email with your story via

For bigger files, for example sound files or videos, please used one of the numerous free file sharing services, e.g. Wetransfer or Yousendit.

Alternatively, write to us at:

Covid-19 and Me

Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum

Market Square



Northern Ireland

About the project

The Irish Linen & Lisburn Museum recognises the need to collect stories, memories photographs (and perhaps objects) from individuals across the Council area relating to the current Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, a rare moment in our history.  The Museum wants to collect and store this material as a record of the pandemic in its archive, and as a resource for future exhibition or display.

Some questions to consider

How has Covid-19 affected you?  You could think of how your normal routine has altered:

Do you work or are you retired? Think of how you are now organising your day.  Has it changed much?
Leisure What do you do for leisure?  Has than changed?  Do you do things differently now?  Do you engage in different types of leisure than you used to?
Shopping Are you still shopping?  Have you seen any changes in how people shop?  What are your opinions on that?
Worship If you worship, has than changed for you?  How do you keep your spirits up and your mind occupied?
Medications and appointments Don’t give any personal detail but you may like to write about your views on collecting medication, getting to appointments during this time.
Communication How are you communicating now with others?  Has it changed?  Is communication different?  What do you feel about social isolation and social distancing?
How do you feel? If you like, share your feelings on how you have reacted to the Covid-19 situation.  Have you any advice or words you would like to share?
Inspirational Stories and Comments Have you any inspirational stories or comments to share about the situation?  Is there something that has made you happy or encouraged you to be positive during the present situation?
History/ Family experience None of us may remember previous epidemics or health crises. Is there anything in your family history or any world or national history you remember that makes you think about the current crisis?  Or, anything else you would like to write about during this unprecedented time?


Take your time and enjoy the process of writing…  Perhaps, you could phone a friend to share experiences and stories.

If you would just like to keep your story for your own archive, keep writing.  Keep it and share it, only if you want to.


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