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Childhood Objects

Childhood Objects: Crib and Highchair

Childhood Objects: Crib and Highchair

Our ’40 years of collecting’ exhibition has a number of ‘childhood’ objects on display, including:

  • Wooden highchair. c.1910 and donated by Mrs Thompson in 1990
  • wooden child’s crib, donated in 2003

Make sure you visit once the museum re-opens!


View these items (when we open!) in our  ’40 Years of Collecting’ exhibition

Exhibition Poster

40 years of Collecting is an exhibition from the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum.  The exhibition opened in October 2019, and its successful run in the Museum was cut short by the Covid-19 Pandemic. But, just because the Museum is closed it does not mean you cannot enjoy this fabulous display. Check out the virtual tour of the exhibition above, and share your thoughts with us.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition showcases the Museum’s vast collections and celebrates 40 years of collecting Lisburn’s history!  The exhibition revives the spirit of the cabinet of curiosity and presentsan eclectic mix of objects from the collection, including rare objects, curiosities, photographs, postcards, art, and much more!

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