Quilt session 27.10.21

Centenary Quilt Project with Adventures Day Nusery

Lisburn Museum Centenary Quilt Programme

As part of the programme to mark 100 years of Northern Ireland Lisburn Museum is working with groups and individuals to create a quilt project, helping people to express how they feel about Northern Ireland through the medium of textiles.

On the 27th October 2021 children (and adults) from Adventures Day Nursery arrived for their quilt workshop session.

Read on to see how we all got on!

designing panels

The first thing to do was design the panels and start sketching out images onto the linen backing.

adding colour to the panels

Next adding colour with Markers, spray paints and fabric paints.

exploring the museum while panels were sealed with an iron

We investigated the Museum’s Egan Harp while Davina sealed our work using an iron.  Then it was time to evaluate the session!

The final panels are done

The final pieces looked great.  Thanks for coming Adventures Day Nursery!

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