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Easter activity: Sleeping bunnies song and craft

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Flaxie is getting ready for Easter.

Join in with the fun activity song Sleeping Bunnies and have a go at making bunny ears to wear using our free printable craft sheet.

Sleeping bunnies

This is one of Flaxie’s favourite action songs.

Imagine you are a bunny, when the song starts you are curled up asleep,

but wait….suddenly it is time to bounce up and


Can you hop like a bunny?  Give it a go!

Bunny ears craft

Click on the image above to download

the bunny ears worksheet.

Make some bunny ears to wear for Easter.

To create your ears you will need:

  • The printable template

  • Card or paper

  • Crayons or colouring pencils to decorate

  • Scissors

  • Sticky tape

If you make this craft why not share with us on our social media.  We love to see what the Flaxie Buds have been creating!

A limited number of support packs are available to compliment this seasonal craft.

Please get in touch if you need help with resources.

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