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From the Collection: Royal Irish Rifles ‘Brodie’ Helmet

Royal Irish Rifles ‘Brodie’ Helmet

Taken from our collection, this Royal Irish Rifles ‘Brodie’ Helmet – named after its designer John Brodie – was donated by Mr J A Anderson.  It belonged to Corporal James Anderson (1895-1945), originally from Boardmills but later Belfast, who fought in the Great War with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles.  The helmet is painted with the insignia of the Royal Irish Rifles, 1st Battalion, and commemorates the sacrifice of the 36th Ulster Division in the Great War.  For more on the Royal Irish Rifles, see our latest exhibition.

Made of high-quality steel, the Brodie Helmet was made out of a single sheet of metal, and was much stronger than that worn by the French or German armies.  The steel rim was used to deflect shrapnel, while the circular top was designed to withstand direct hits.

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