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The Killing of Sir Henry Wilson: an Irish Tragedy by Prof Fearghal McGarry

In October 2021 the museum hosted a free online talk, titled ‘The killing of Sir Henry Wilson: an Irish Tragedy’, with Professor Fearghal McGarry, Professor of Modern Irish History at Queen’s University Belfast.

Professor McGarry discussed the assassination of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, chief security advisor to the new Northern Ireland government, on 22 June 1922. The assassination, carried out by the IRA, shocked public opinion and hastened the onset of the Irish Civil War. The talk explored the reasons for Wilson’s killing, the fate of his killers, and the interconnected nature of the different conflicts that took place during the period 1912-1923.

The talk was part of a series presented by Lisburn and Castlereagh County Council to mark the Northern Ireland centenary. 

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