Workshops at the Museum

The Museum runs the following workshops:

School sessions are very active and hands on, led by our experienced education team. We endeavour that learning is driven by curiosity and discovery using the museums collection to its fullest.

Flax to Fabric is our main permanent exhibition tour; learn about the history of linen from the ancient Egyptians through to the period of the cottage industry and see skilled demonstrations of spinning and weaving. Tours last 45mins/90mins. Why not compliment the tour with a free workshop; popular workshops include paper weaving (KS1) or card/peg loom weaving (KS2&3) (add on 45minutes for workshop)


Castle Gardens Tours of our restored 17th and 19th century gardens take children back to the Lisburn of old. Learn about a duel that was fought over a marriage proposal; hold onto your stomachs as you hear about medical remedies used to cure a sore head. There is even a story about a body being preserved in spirits of wine! Tours last 45mins/60mins. Fitting into the curriculum link: The World Around Us.

Our Ancient Egyptian Tour fits into the curriculum link: The World Around Us. Learn how the ancient Egyptians used to live, including how they valued linen and the various processes involved. Gaze at our ancient piece of linen straight from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Careful of the curse of the mummy! This is an add on to our Flax to Fabric tour (60mins/90mins inclusive) Why not compliment the tour with a free workshop -make an Egyptian headdress or work with clay to make a canopic jar (add on 45minutes for workshop)


Take a Town Trail around the historic parts of Lisburn. Learn about the great fires of Lisburn and see what parts of the town survived. This tour fits in with the curriculum link: The World Around Us, as children identify characteristics of specific changes in time period, town structure and civic roles in society. The tour takes in Lisburn’s famous monuments, Lisburn Cathedral and graveyard, Castle Gardens and the Historic Quarter. Complete the worksheets by observation, investigation and discussion. (Trails take 45-90 minutes).

Our WWII workshop is very interactive, as children discover how people in Northern Ireland had to adapt during WWII. Using artefacts from the Museums collection, topics include rationing, living in a blackout and evacuation. The workshop is completed with a look at our very own air raid shelter (the last remaining in Lisburn) Workshop takes 60-90 minutes. Why not compliment the workshop with a ‘make your own gas mask’ craft workshop (add an extra 45minutes)

gas mask

Victorian Workshop Come and experience first hand what it would have been like to go to school in the Victorian days. Lessons include penmanship, embroidery, making a Thaumatrope and guessing the object handling session. Discover the classes that were for girls and which were for boys. If your group comes dressed up, so does your guide! Prizes for the best dressed! Workshops take 90 minutes and can be adapted for each group.

We also offer a full range of Artsbased workshops, including:

 felt making, paper making, printmaking, glass painting, paper mosaics, natural dyeing, puppet making and many more!


Contact the museum and we can send you out a visitor workshop booklet. We can adapt any workshop to suit adult and community groups needs.

We also offer loan boxes on request (when available).

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