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Killeaton House Grubbs Lillian Metge

Killeaton House, Dunmurry.

Killeaton House c.1900.  It is believed that the photo shows, from left to right, Mrs Harriet Grubb, Mrs Lillian Metge (seated), Mr Richard Grubb and Mrs Margaret Maguire, the Grubb’s housekeeper.

Killeaton House

Built in 1870, Killeaton House was home to Richard Cambridge Grubb (d. 1916) and Harriet Richardson (1847-1943), daughter of Jonathan Richardson (1804-1894), liberal MP for Lisburn.  The house was a wedding present to the newly-married couple.

Killeaton House 1901 OSI
Killeaton House 1901 OSI

Richard and Harriet had two children, Lillian (1871-1954) and Richard (1872-1937).  Richard Jr worked as a vet, while Lillian (later Mrs Lillian Metge) was an infamous suffrage agitator.  She was partly responsible for the 1914 bombing of Lisburn Cathedral.

Situated between Lisburn and Dunmurry, the two-storey house has sadly been demolished.

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