‘Colin Mountain from Hillsborough’ by Basil Blackshaw, Lisburn Museum 2014

Medium: oil on canvas, Size:45 x 44.5 cm. (17.7 x 17.5 in.)     Colin Mountain from Hillsborough by Blasil Blackshaw, presented to Lisburn Museum in 2014

‘Colin Mountain from Hillsborough’ by Basil Blackshaw was an oil painting by one of Ireland’s finest  artists and was presented to the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum in 2014.

The generous donation by the Lisburn Historic Quarter Arts Group was celebrated at an evening reception in the museum on Wednesday October 22.

Broadcaster Eamonn Mallie, editor of the 2003 publication ‘Blackshaw’, delivered a guest lecture on the artist. The event was attended by a large audience, including the artists Neil Shawcross and Anya Waterworth, Basil Blackshaw’s daughter.

The Vice Chairman of Leisure Services Cllr Alan Carlisle thanked the Lisburn Historic Arts Group, and in particular its trustees Stanley and Winifred Bell and Graham Catney, for the donation and the group’s “many efforts to promote and develop the arts in Lisburn”.

He added that “tonight’s lecture and the presentation of this painting to the Museum are testament to the importance of the group to the council and to the people of Lisburn.”

Basil Blackshaw

Basil Blackshaw was born in Glengormley in 1932, and brought up in Boardmills near Lisburn. Educated at Methodist College Belfast, at 16 he enrolled in the Belfast College of Art (1948-51) and was awarded a CEMA scholarship to study in Paris.

Noted for his early expressionist approach, Blackshaw’s themes have included local landscapes, people, sport and animals, particularly horses. He is also a portraitist.

He died in 2016.