Flaxie Adventure along the Lagan: Growing Cress

Flaxie—’Out and About Box’ exploration

The Museum has a special resource for classes called the Flaxie Out and About Box.  This is a bright yellow box that groups can borrow for FREE.  Inside are lots of resources to help introduce flax and linen to Foundation-level groups.

out and about box

One of the activities in the Museum’s Out and About boxes includes a Grow-a-Seed pack.  This pack has pots, cotton wool and cress seed accompanied by A3-laminated sheets to show the life cycle of a seed and some ideas for creative play.

This week Flaxie was inspired by the beautiful wild flowers along the River Lagan to try and grow cress at home.

The flowers on Flaxie’s morning walk were beautiful, Flaxie picked a wildflower posey.


On the way home Flaxie made sure to say hello to the goose gang!

The flowers are now in a little vase in the hall.

Have you picked a posey this year? It is a lovely way to bring nature into the house. Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling wildflowers.

Check for little insects before bringing them into the house.

goose gang
posey in vase

At home the supplies were gathered to try growing cress.

Seeds, pots, cotton wool, water and the tutorial from the Out and About Box.

(you can download the tutorial for FREE here)

gather supplies
cress packet

The pots had to be prepped. Flaxie wanted to experiment with pots and is using a mini flower pot, an egg cup and the top of a candle jar.

sprinkle seeds
time lapse set up

Flaxie set up a time-lapse camera to record growing the seeds.

This took a little bit of patience.

The seeds began to sprout on day 5!

What Flaxie learnt from this experiment was that a sunnier windowsill would have been better for growing the cress.

It was really fun to try growing seeds and Flaxie is going to try again soon.


Have a go at growing seeds and tell us about it.

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