Wisdom from Yesteryear: a 1940’s Household Encyclopaedia pt III

As we all find we are spending extra time at home, in between looking after work and family, why not take some time to explore what artefacts or archives you have at home?  A 1940’s Household Encyclopaedia is a family artefact and last week we took a look at the “B” section.

From Last Week:

 “Quick Oven” gas 5 worked in a fan oven.

Last week’s beauty tip

Tried rinsing my hair in vinegar.  As I had no white vinegar I tried brown, never thought I would miss fish and chips so much!  If you have any home-style beauty tips to share during lockdown why not share them.

Last Week’s Recipe

Don’t be fooled by the title ‘milk rolls’ tMilk Rollshey were actually quite crunchy but went down well with the fifteen-year-old!

Wisdom from Yesteryear Three:

Remember this book was published during the 1940’s, a time when people generally people came up with novel ways for everyday problems…



Thursday 16 April 2020:  The Cs


4 eggs                                                  Vanilla essence

1 pint milk                                          4oz caster sugar

1 yolk egg                                            Butter

Melt sugar in a pan till a toffee-brown and then run it into the bottom of a warm mould.  Butter the sides of the mould.  Beat the eggs and the yolk, stir well with the milk and vanilla and fill the mould with the mixture. Cover with buttered paper and steam with boiling water coming halfway up the sides until set.  Large mould requires one hour, small moulds 15 to 20 minutes.  If any caramel is to be left in the tin, add boiling water, pour around mould.

CARPENTRY.  To avoid nails bending up before they can be hammered in, dip them first of all in melted lard; this will enable them to be driven in straight without any difficulty.

Lisburn Museum Spring

Lisburn Museum during Covid 19 …spring isn’t on lockdown!


Help us out during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

  1. Have you any DIY tips, passed down through the generations?
  2. Do you have a family artefact you would like to share on our virtual museum?
  3. Spring has started regardless of lockdown, any pictures you would like to share from the Lisburn Castlereagh area??


If you do not want to send us original letters or photographs:

We can copy them and get the originals back to you. When we get through this crisis, future generations will want to know all about it and how it impacted on ordinary people like you and how you got through it!

TO DO: Try the recipe and send us a picture and let us know how they turned out!

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